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How to extract resources Entrepreneurship in the Collaborative Economy

The ideas that are emerging in these moments, are favoring that many people, find a way to complete many years of studies and work in utility both for society, as an economic vehicle to improve the current situation. Many models talk about goals, goals, better services, which are undoubtedly important parts of the business project. Bearing in mind that enduring businesses are those that cover a high level of social welfare so that they can transcend in generations, it becomes fundamental in this construction, an educational system and development of the people who create and start it. We are talking about Collaborative Entrepreneurship, using the Humanist Economy as a fundamental pillar. Based on actions such as social interactions, team management and negotiation, by the way, these are jobs that phenomena such as automation can not do. We have the pleasure of being able to give a space to impart keys to how to create autonomy through collective entrepreneurship. Where the important bases of the construction of these business models, focus on educating the values ​​of being. Our speaker is a woman with an important career in social entrepreneurship. That thanks to studying new forms of entrepreneurship and applying this knowledge, it has taken a 360 degree turn in their way of life. During the conference and after the closing, we will have time to chat and exchange opinions and resolve any doubts that may have arisen. How can I contact the organizer if I have questions? You can contact Isabel through Email: Phone: 629205794 Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Over 18 years.

Thursday, 08-11-2018 hours: free admission.

Hotel Europark Sala Chicago c/Aragon 323,325 08008 BCN

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