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Conference The art of the s. XX and feminisms

The art in feminine The emergence of the feminist movements of the second wave, in the 1960s, impacts not only on society and politics but also on art. Based on the proposals of artists such as Judy Chicago, the experience of LA Womahouse, and the Catalan pioneers Mari Chordà, Eulàlia Grau, and Eugènia Balcells, as well as, later, collectives such as the Guerrilla Girls in New York or Public Women in Buenos Aires, we will analyze how artists are critical of women's social models and roles, activate feminist thinking in public space and create new thoughts on women's freedom in the 21st century. At the care of Assumpta Bassas, professor of Art History at the UB, mother, art critic and curator. Its main lines of research are: contemporary artists of the 60s and 70s, feminism and art, history of art and sexual difference, female spirituality in contemporary art. Reservations To attend this activity, there is no prior reservation.

Monday, 12-11-2018 hours: 19:30 h free admission.

Centre Civic Urgell. c/Comte Urgell 145 08036, Barcelona

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