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Mediterraniam, venture to the Botanical!

There is a plague of aphids! The plants die after the summer drought! You have to design a project to study an endangered species! 

Overcoming trials and making decisions about the challenges we face and how to build and manage a botanical garden in our city and we will discover closely Botanical Garden of Barcelona. 

Played on a giant game board size, which through knowledge of plants and collaboration among participants try to achieve maximum punturació. We will be able to choose the best strategy to build a sustainable botanical garden? 

Age: 7 years
Participants: Maximum 25 people 
Duration: 1:30 hours.

First Sunday of every month at 12 o'clock (except August)

Free activity.
Children from 7 years old.

Jardí Botànic de Barcelona

Carrer del Doctor Font i Quer, 2
08038 Barcelona

Tel 932 56 41 60

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