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Guided tour of the Model prison

1321/5000 Historical memory: freedom, exile, prison With this route we will know the 113 years of history of the Barcelona Model Prison. Opened in 1904, it was conceived as an example to be followed within the penitentiary system, although the number of inmates was soon overtaken until overflowing. In 1936, with the outbreak of the Civil War, many of those who support the military uprising went through their cells, but it would be after 1939 when the Model became a symbol of the Francoist repression against the "defeated." During the 1950s and 1960s, most prisoners were "common" due to the tightening of the "Vagos y Maleantes" law, but in the 70's, political prisoners were once again increasing as the prodemocratic movements became more acute. At the beginning of the 21st century, the prison population still doubled its capacity with 2,000 prisoners. Finally, on June 8, 2017, the Model closed its doors as a penitentiary center and gave way to a participatory process to decide what to do with this iconic building of the city. In charge of Oriol López Badell, Association Knowing History. Activity with pre-registration. Reservations Free activity with prior reservation From Monday 14 January, at 9 am, you can register online at the following link:

Mon, 21-01-2019 hours: 18:30 h free admission.

Centre Civic Urgell. c/Comte Urgell 145 08036, Barcelona

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