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Hasta agotar existencias

Trying so that my mother's death does not catch me unprepared What can be done to a mother when she is already dead? And what can you tell? And what can we allow ourselves to hear before his death? And how will we excite ourselves? And what will we say? And when our mother is dead, will she still be or will have disappeared forever? Will it continue with us? Will it continue on us? In the details that make us as we are? Verònica Navas Ramírez has set out to respond to these and other questions about the relationships between mothers and on how this relationship marks our identity, our way of being and confront what is happening to us, in a spectacle that is despite to have the appearance of a conference. But the words will be less and less. And the images, increasingly, more powerful. Authorship and interpretation: Verónica Navas Ramírez Reservations Free entry with prior reservation Starting on Monday, November 5, book your tickets: In person at the counter of the civic center online to the following link: (remember that to make the reservation online you must register as an online user) Once the show begins, entry will not be allowed

Friday, 09-11-2018 hours: 8 pm free entry.

Centre Civic Urgell. c/Comte Urgell 145 08036, Barcelona

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