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My mother and me

Barcelona Cultural District Can you imagine with your mom on top of a stage? What relationship would you set before the public? Friends Enemigos? Accomplishments? Adversaries? Or would you be just a mother and a daughter? And what would you talk about? Would you be sincere or would you hide your lives, your feelings, behind a mask invented for the occasion? This is the experience to which Sònia Gómez, dancer, choreographer and performer, submits with her mother, Rosa Vicente, a woman who had nothing to do with the world of the show and that she was happy cultivating her field of olive trees. Since they first tried it for more than 12 years now, they are still around and around together: theaters, airplanes, hotels, European-wide scenarios have seen them move forward together. And happy My mother and I are closer to the performance than the theater or the dance; Although on the stage there is theater, dance and a lot of music: Tina Turner, Nina Haven, Kraftwerk, Jeanette ... This artifact, born after many hours of research and improvisation, distills tons of sincerity More information on the Barcelona District Cultural website Reservations Reservations from Monday, December 11, in person at the counter of the civic center, by phone at 934 536 480 or online at the following link Tickets reserved by phone will need to be picked up for a maximum of 30 minutes. Before the start of the show, but the reservation will be lost. Once the show begins, entry will not be allowed. Performers Authors: Sònia Gómez and Rosa Vicente. Performers: Rosa Vicente and Sònia Gómez Vicente. Direction: Sònia Gómez. Production: MOM / El Vivero. Music: Beach Boys, Tina Turner, Janette, Mysterymen, Kraftwerk, Plastikmen. Video: Txalo Toloza and Paula Vázquez. Duration: 60 minutes.

Friday, 15 - 12 - 2017. Opening hours: 19:30 h. Free.

Centre Civic Urgell. c/Comte Urgell 145 08036, Barcelona

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