La guía de actividades gratuitas de Barcelona

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Actividades para Hoy

  • Giuliana Racco. Languages_In_Danger_ous_ Language

    Languages_In_Danger_ous_Languages is part of a body of work that looks at integration policies via language instruction and the relationship between identity and collective consciousness in three crit...

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  • Altered states of mind

    The fantasy and horror festival of Badalona, Cryptshow Festival, in collaboration with the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, present the exhibition "Altered states of mind", a journey through a seri...

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  • Pangea de Leah Fresneda & Pablo Varela

    “Pangea” es una exploración para comprender los procesos naturales de nuestro entorno, descubrir su modo de actuar y los paralelismos que existen entre lo micro y lo macro. Es un vi...

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  • Exhibition Huellas de Mujeres Geniales

    This exhibition brings together the work and trayectory of 30 women in the areas of political activism, art, thought and education, sport and science. Among them under the title "The footprints of Gr...

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  • Pangea

    En Pangea se muestra una exploración para comprender los procesos naturales de nuestro entorno. Los autores intentan descubrir el modo de actuar del mundo, los paralelismos que existen entre lo...

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  • Galeria Dupressoir opens, a new art gallery

    With the dual ambition of spreading the creation of experienced artists, who do not enjoy well-deserved notoriety despite the quality and richness of their career, and to awaken in all audiences the d...

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