La guía de actividades gratuitas de Barcelona

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Actividades para Hoy

  • Exhibition "Escarats" (Beetles)

    The Museum of Natural Sciences continues to show its collections; now of beetles. A sample of beetles from donations received by the museum during its 25 years of history as well as its own collection...

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  • Joan Morey COLLAPSE. Social Body [Anatomy Lesson]

    Joan Morey: COLLAPSE Curated by Latitudes Morey’s work both critiques and embodies one of the most thorny and far-reaching aspects of human consciousness and behaviour: how we relate ourselves t...

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  • PICATSSO | Sol Felpeto

    Sol Felpeto exhibits “Picatsso” at ImaginCafe in Barcelona Minou was a French stray cat that Picasso adopted during a period of his very “blue” life in which he was depressed a...

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