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Giuliana Racco. Languages_In_Danger_ous_ Language

Languages_In_Danger_ous_Languages is part of a body of work that looks at integration policies via language instruction and the relationship between identity and collective consciousness in three critical contexts. At Homesession, Giuliana Racco presents a sample of works focused on Barcelona, but not only, materialized as photographs, drawings, video and prints collectively developed through workshops, transforming the space into a place for sharing reflections on the relationship between language, power and identity. The pieces on show move from literary references to interviews, from models to text-based graphic works in order to contribute to a discussion on how we approach and communicate with one another and what we expect in terms of fitting into greater systems. Giuliana Racco (Canada, 1976) graduated in Visual Arts from the University of IUAV in Venice and then worked as an assistant professor in the visual arts courses of Lewis Baltz. He has participated in research and residency programs in spaces from Spain, Portugal, the West Bank and Israel and his work has been seen in museums such as the Fundació Suñol in Barcelona; the López Museum in the Philippines; the Museum of Modern and Contemporary in Rijeka (Croatia); the Fotomuseum in Winterthur (Switzerland) and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg (France). Focused on field research and people, Racco’s work process is formalized through a variety of media such as drawing, video, installation, photography, printed material and public interventions related to narration, desire and movement. His work often deals with conflicts about workers, migrants and refugees and explores representations of media, archives, language processes and spaces of exception. HOMESESSION Since 2007 Homesession has been a catalyst for creation in the field of visual arts, with its international residency program (Residency and Exchange Residency programs) and production grants for Spanish artists (Invited program). In its constant effort to support artists and promote art, Homesession welcomes proposals that utilize diverse media and practices, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary experimentation. Homesession endeavours to complement the work of the institutions in Barcelona’s art scene: it provides a home for proposals that are daring and innovative in their contents as much as in their format and aesthetics, making room for the unexpected.

Friday, 19-01-2018 hours: 19:00-21:30 h. Free.

Carrer Creu dels Molers, 15

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