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PICATSSO | Sol Felpeto

Sol Felpeto exhibits “Picatsso” at ImaginCafe in Barcelona Minou was a French stray cat that Picasso adopted during a period of his very “blue” life in which he was depressed and ruined. The story tells that the painter had to return the cat to the street since he could not feed him. Minou found himself once again wandering around Montmartre and had the fortune to find a sausage. Without hesitation, he returned to his old master’s house to share the meal with him. This is how Sol Felpeto decides to recreate the most famous works of Picasso by reinterpreting the characters with his cat, Minou, returning the protagonism that has never been recognized and making tangible the tender bond that united the artist and the animal. This exhibition has gone through Madrid and Malaga but for this occasion the artist wants to pay tribute to the city since it was and is a very important pillar in the life of the great maestro Pablo Ruiz Picasso. To do this, you can only see works that are connected in some way to Barcelona, either because of their past or present, being able to learn history within the dialogue between the two artists. In addition, the public will have guided visits by the author. Opening event 5th of DEcember; confirm atendance writing an email to More at

05-12-2018 to 31-12-2018 every day. Sunday to Wednesday from 8 am to 10 pm from Thursday to Saturday from 8 h to 24 h free admission.

imagin Café Calle de Pelayo 11 Barcelona

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