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free concert morehead univ.choir & chamber singers

The Concert Choir and the Chamber Singers of the North American University Morehead (Kentucky), will offer their unique concert in Barcelona, next Tuesday, May 22 at 8pm, at the church of Sant Ramón of Penyafort, Rambla de Catalunya, 115, Metro Diagonal). Free admission. Recognized for its excellence in the interpretation a cappella, the Concert Choir brings together the best singers on campus and presents a varied program of choral music taken to the highest level. Each year they participate in events such as the Coral Festival of Autumn, as well as tours in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Europe. Chamber Singers is the choicest chamber ensemble. The group specializes in madrigals, challenges twentieth-century literature and jazz. They perform in prestigious events, both in the United States and in other parts of the world. In this concert they will offer a musical journey through a varied choral repertoire, with classic pieces as well as contemporary themes (see program below). The choral music is one of the hallmarks of Morehead State University. A university that in itself is an entire institution. Since the first students of an improvised classroom appeared 130 years ago, it became a benchmark for high technology, as well as for astronomy, with a highly performant radio telescope tracking system.

Tuesday, May 22. Time: from 20:00 to 21:00. Free.

115 Rambla de Catalunya

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