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Listening Room: John Coltrane

We are back with our collective listening sessions of vinyls that have marked a before and after in the history of music. They are organised by the musical journalist Jordi Turtós. We use Klipsch speakers because the sound quality is very important to us as well as the atmosphere, that is why we use 360º projections. The store Ultra-Local records will be joining our list of emblematic vinyl stores that collaborate with us. We will keep on learning about the history tied to these albums with the introductions of musical journalists, experts and music lovers. On this occasion, we will listen to "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane. The record was recorded in a single night, in these songs he mixes his musical passion with his religious devotion. Talks by: Roger Roca, calatan musical journalist. He is the director and presenter of the TV show "Sputnik" and collaborator of the newspaper El Periódico y Rockdelux. He is also a curator of the In-Edit Beefeater festival. Also, he has collaborated in the musical supplement of the Avui newspaper and in specialized electronic music magazines such as Dancedelux and Dinamo. Collaboration of: Jaume Pantaleón, artist. His artistic career is very extensive, he has been part of groups such as 12twelve, Cuzo, AtletA, Lords of Bukkake, Massa Fosca and Estrella de David, exploring different genres such as jazz post-rock, psychedelic hard-rock, slowcore, sludge and indie rock. In 2014 he began his solo career with "La ley de sí".

Tuesday, 20-02-2018 hours: 20:00 h to 21:00 h. Free.

Carrer de Muntaner 83c

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