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If (The last wish)

Barcelona Cultural District Three women Three sisters They have just fulfilled the last wish of their mother: to be buried in the camping plot where they have shared so many moments. The stage turned into a camping plot. A universe in which movement and the word are mixed in a total way, at the service of a drama centered on the subject of desires A tone of acid comedy, with a humor that touches extremes, between the sensitivity that only the poetics of the movement can reflect, and the daily life more immediate than empowering the word. The texts and the dramaturgy of the journalist and writer Natza Farré will lead us to a black comedy, with a satirical tone that deals with taboo themes from the most fierce normality. The need for this show arises from the multiple collaborations of Vero Cendoya, either as a choreographer, actress coach, motion consultant or actress in theatrical works directed by creators such as Blanca Portillo, Carme Portaccelli, Carol López, T de Teatre, Sara Turuneen, among others ... And the need to bring dance closer to an audience who only feels secure when he "understands" what he is seeing, as is usually the case in the text theater. The IF show is inspired by the aesthetics and contents of the oniric world of the painter Mark Ryden, with references to the film by Wes Anderson. * Barcelona Cultural District. Text theater Performers · Alba Florejachs, Gloria Sirvent and Vero Cendoya. Reservations Free entry with prior reservation Starting on Monday, February 25, book your tickets: In person at the counter of the civic center online to the following link: (remember that to make the reservation online you must register as an online user) Once the show begins, entry will not be allowed

Friday, 01-03-2019 hours: 8 pm free entry.

Centre Civic Urgell. c/Comte Urgell 145 08036, Barcelona

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