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From now on forfree functions as an independent platform managed by its users themselves. Feel free to publish any free event you organize or have discovered around the city right here.

It is easy: fill in all the fields in the specified format. Add the event’s geolocation so that people know how to get there. Forfree is trilingual, so the more languages you supply in description, the more people will know about it. Do not forget to add a picture and your e-mail address; without these the information cannot be uploaded. Your event has to be validated by the forfree team before being published. To make sure you are on time, please upload the information until Friday the week before.


(Note: forfree reserves the right to edit the content and make a selection of the events to-be-published. No events that are not totally free nor for-profit activities will be accepted.)

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Who said that you can only enjoy Barcelona with a full pocket? forfree is here to prove otherwise. Join us to show that enjoying life in the city is priceless and culture is for everyone!
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