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#cinelabturisme: mirades des de l'antropologia

#CinelabTurisme is more than a series of travel documentaries. It's an invitation to think about the tourism phenomena. How do we look at the "other"? What's the meaning of authenticity and identity? How do hosts and guests relate each other? Which are the consequences of our "tourism experiences"? #CinelabTurisme launches a debate about this and other topics every Wednesday after watching travel documentaries with a view from anthropology. 24/10 - FRAMING THE OTHER 31/10 - COMMON ROADS: PILGRIMAGE & BACKPACKING IN THE 21ST CENTURY 07/11 - GRINGO TRAILS 21/11 - WELCOME, GOODBYE 28/11 - COWBOYS IN PARADISE 05/12 - NOSOTROS, LOS DE ALLÁ 12/12 - AUSTERLITZ

Del 24-10-2018 al 12-12-2018 Miercoles. Horario: 18:30 - 20:30 Entrada gratuita.

Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món - Montcada, C/ de Montcada, 12-14, Barcelona

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