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The Clinic of Barcelona

Entenent the salut L'Hospital Clínic de Barcelona poses in March the Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020. L'Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has advised a position of excel·lència in the care activities, in the docència and in the investigation. Ara te importants reptes per davant: hem to focus on the people, is to dir, in the patients and the professionals.Per això cal stop-us to think, fer-us ask, escort respostes i, despair, act. Aquest Pla Estratègic is the fruit of a look and an analysis of what works well at the hospital and from which it could mingle. The nostre nou Pla Estratègic intends to activate communication channels and spas nous per escort-us els uns als altres, per conix for the experiències of the patients and per reconeixer the visió and the initiators dels treballadors. A càrrec of Dr. Josep M Campistol, General Director of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Dr. David Font, Director of Strategy and Planning of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona Reserves Per assist to conferències, no cal reserve prèvia

Tuesday, 05-06 - 2018. Opening hours: 19:30 h. Free.

Centre Civic Urgell. c/Comte Urgell 145 08036, Barcelona

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